The M Fitness Factor
Personal Training & Group Fitness
It's Fun, Sustainable, Empowering!


The “M” is for Mariu.  The Factor is what I will provide for you as you make a decision to include physical activity in your life for achieving better health.

What I offer is fitness options that are just that…fun, sustainable, and empowering!

I believe in making exercise fun so that people learn to love it, live it, and make it part of their daily routines.

Let me be your partner in the journey to better health!

“It’s been said that there are no short cuts to places worth going, and those words apply to your physical fitness too. There are simply no short cuts to a healthy lifestyle.” Food, Fitness, and Faith for Women.

Upcoming Events

New Year’s Resolutions? We all have them.  Do you have a step by step plan that will ensure better chances to reach your goals? I will provide the platform for you to go beyond March 2014!  Make 2014 the year YOU stop making excuses. Take Charge!

                    New Zumba Fitness Class!
Starts Thursday, March 27th 9:30 am at Destiny Dance Institute in Wake Forest
Located inside the Factory

8 Weeks Spring Into Fitness Outdoor Program
Meets Monday-Wednesday-Friday 10:30 am  or
Monday & Friday 8:45 am, Wednesday 10:30 am

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